Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alison's testimony in Italian

La missione mi ha cambiato.  Mi ha aiutato di sapere chi sono io. Che veramente sono una figlia di Dio. Che Dio esiste e mi ama.  so e posso sentirlo e vedo i miracoli ogni giorno. C'è uno scopo di questa vita e so che è cosi.  So che Joseph Smith abbia visto a Dio e Gesu Cristo e che la chiesa di Gesu Cristo dei santi degli ultimi giorni era restaurato tramite lui.  Non ho dubbi. So che il Libro Di Mormon è vero! So che rende testimonianza di Gesu Cristo sono immensamente grata per il mio Salvatore Gesu Cristo. Lascio queste cose nel nome di Gesu Cristo Amen!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pictures of Alison

A brother in our Ward, who is a photographer, took these portraits of Alison the first weekend she was home.  They were taken on the Orlando temple grounds. We did not have pictures of her before she left on her mission.  This brother takes them for free as his way of giving back to the missionaries for their service.

A wonderful mission is completed

I found this picture on the Missione Italiana Milano Blog.

This is the caption: We have to say good-bye to those who have completed their missionary service.  
They returned to Germany, Southern Italy and the United States

We rejoice in Christ and His Atonement and in being able to serve our Heavenly Father, who directs His work upon the Earth through His living Prophet.  We thank Him for our opportunities to teach and testify of the Doctrine of Christ, of the restoration of His Church to the Earth, of His great "Plan of Happiness" and of the Book of Mormon.  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sorella Hanson is home

On Friday February 21, 2014 Alison came home from her mission. We are very proud of her and the service she gave in Italy.
Waiting at the airport for her to arrive

Flowers for Alison

At home before we went to the Stake Center to meet with the Stake President and release her as a missionary

Dinner time

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Email from February 19, 2014 and Last Email

Hey family, 

Yes sorella Forbes was at our ward on sunday. And the kids got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday it was such a wonderful day. These children are just amazing I love them. They are such super stars. 

Speaking of the boys I have been searching like crazy trying to figure out what they would want. Do they want key chains? do they want italian ties? what would you think they would want? I will have a little more time tomorrow to find something for them. I took out 50 euros because the bank would not allow me to pull out smaller amount.

Yep it is the brother of Sharmaine that they are working with and he has a baptism date he will be baptized in March. I am so excited for him and I know  little after her other brother will as well. They have been coming to all the activities and to church. 

Well today I still have to go to work at 6 o'clock and then tomorrow in the morning we have to be a centrale and then we will have a full day. At least that is what they tell us. I do not know anything about my flight and I have no idea who will be with me or even if there is anyone. We find out probably the last minute. 

Funny thing Sorella Gillette is coming here. They are going to be a good companionship her and sorella Egbert. 

That is just weird that I will be there for dinner. I cannot believe that this time just went by so fast. I do not know where it went. Surprise me with something. I truly eat anything. You know me the vacuum. 

I will tell you more about everything in person Friday. I love you and I will see you soon. 



Lidia's baptism

Lidia's baptism, Sorella Egbert and Sorella Hanson

Mirco and Giulia's baptism

Mirco and Giulia

Sorella Egbert and Sorella Hanson

The group photo is from the serata familiare that we do. That means home evening. 

Alright there is a story about this jar of fruit. It is no normal jar of fruit. It is a jar of mustard fruit. Yes think mustard fruit is not good. Sorella Egbert and I about both gagged eating it because we just thought it was normal. 

These are some of the sisters that we worked with as sister training leaders.

Not sure if I showed this picture before is of a cannoli (I think that is how you spell it) it is really good.